Ball Pein Hammer with Fibreglass Handle

Ball Pein Hammer is a type of hammer used in metalworking to cut gaskets, expand and shape the free end of copper roves, light rivets and set rivets to complete joints, and also for texturing metal surfaces including thinning pieces of metal. The head is made from carbon steel, duly hardened & tempered for durability and sturdiness. Fibreglass Handle absorbs vibration and reduce striking impact on your hand while working. The Ball Pein hammer is also called the Blacksmiths, Engineers or Machinist's Hammer.

  • Selected Carbon Steel
  • Head Duly Hardened & Tempered 52-56 HRC
  • Black Finish with Polished Heads and Pein
  • Fibreglass Grip Handle Absorb Vibration
  • Life Long Durability