Pry Bar - Drop Forged

Pry Bar is a polpular tool used for roofing or framing, demolition, trim etc. Broad flat end gives you extra reach and surface area, while the hooked rocker end delivers incredibly high leverage. Thin chisel tips slip comfortabily into the tightest cracks and crevices to pry apart old wall studs, loosen molding, free worn shingles and lift damaged deck boards. This Bar is manufactured from selected carbon steel, fully drop forged and induction hardened, Mat finish with Epoxy coating resists rust and corrosion.

  • Selected Carbon Steel Drop Forged
  • Induction Hardened
  • Bar with Broad Flat End & High-Leverage Rocker End
  • Sharp Chisel Tips to slide in easily
  • 3 Nail Slots
  • lets you get at Nails from any angle
  • Epoxy coating resists rust and corrosion