Baby Vice With Anvil & Clamp - Swivel Base

Baby Vice With Anvil & Clamp - Swivel Base is made with cast iron body. Polished Jaws, Chrome Plated Screw, Epoxy coated. Normally used in Goldsmith workshop and show rooms, Craftsman used it for light duty precision jobs. These vices are useful where the floor space are limited. Swivel Base rotates in a complete 360° circle and can be locked in any position in 360° rotation by tightening just one lock nut with hand. This vice include a small anvil on the back of its body for small jobs.

  • Cast Iron Body
  • Polished Jaws
  • Chrome Plated Screw
  • Small Anvil For Small Works
  • Epoxy Coated
  • Swivel Base
  • Ideal For Small Jobs