Manufacturing Facilities at Vishal Tools & Forgings Pvt Ltd

Vishal Tools An ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 & VPA-GS certified Company

Manufacturing Infrastructure

Vishal Tools is most appropriate for private labeling of products that can be manufactured on a tight schedule while maintaining high quality standards. We always win our retail client’s trust and reliability by manufacturing quality tools, on-time delivery. An efficient R&D department, which always keeps a track of the latest market trends.
VISHAL has exerted a great deal of effort towards the techniques and innovations and has grown into one of the major players in Hand Tools Industry in India. Vishal Tools ultra modem plants fully equipped with state-of-the art technology, Latest technology processing machines to fabricate the products in the most cost effective manner. Regular up gradation of the machines to keep them at par with the changing technological needs. Technological developments to fabricate an innovative array of products as per the needs and requirements of our valued clients. A prompt delivery mechanism to make sure that the orders reach the clients well within the pre decided time span.
Vishal Tool's manufacturing infrastructure facilities are as follow :

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Research & Development

Vishal tools has in-house Research & Development section which always keeps a track of the latest market trends & where all the innovation happens. In designing, We use latest CAD software’s for product design. All products are designed by following latest industry standards like ASME, DIN, ISO, BSI, IS etc. Tool / Die design and manufacturing is done in latest CAD / CAM software’s as well as highly advanced CNC Machines.

Tool Room

In Tool Room, all the tools & dies are manufactured which are used in various production processes like Blanking Dies, Forging Dies, Trimming Dies and Punch, Broaches, Stamps & many more. It consists of highly advanced machines mainly CNC Vertical Machining Centres, CNC Wire Cut Machine, EDM Machines, CNC Engraving Machines, Broach Making Machines, Surface Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders etc. Tool Room develops everything what is needed for production of hand tools.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials are the main ingredient with which hand tools are made. Company procures a high quality steel of various types like Chrome Vanadium Steel, Carbon Steel etc to make sure the tools are more effective as per the application. The raw materials are tested for the material testing externally and internally and only high quality material as per industry standards is used for production. In-House testing lab ensures that the steel is composed of the required materials as per specifications.

Blanking, Heating, Forging

Forging is the process where metal is forged and transformed into a usable tool. Forging process comes after the Blanking and heating processes. In Blanking the raw material flats are cut into blanks as per specification with heavy duty blanking press. After Blanking, the blanks are heated in a furnace until it becomes a semi solid. This heated piece of blank is then forged with dies in heavy duty drop forging hammers to give the tool it's shape. Forging section is equipped with large number of heavy and rigid Blanking Press, Heating Furnaces and Drop Forging Hammers.

Trimming, Punching, Grinding

After Forging process, the unwanted flash on the outside are cut with the help of hydraulic presses which is called trimming. Punching is the process in which ring flash is cleared by punch which is made of high speed steel. Punching is also performed in hydraulic presses. Company has a large number of hydraulic press machines which handles trimming and punching process for various products. After the punching, stone grinding is performed on the outside of tool to remove any excessive burs during the trimming process. Stone grinding is a manual process in which the grinding wheel is used to smoothen the trimmed area.


Broaching is the process where the precise jaw size is maintained with the help of high speed steel broaches manufactured with state of the art machining techniques. The broach sizes conforms to international industry standards like ASME, DIN, BS and are highly accurate to the micron level. Broaching is performed on hydraulic presses as per the size from small to large. Regular on line inspections ensures that the jaw size meets the standard while keeping the production smooth and steady.

Belt Polishing

Smooth surface finish is possible only if the tools are polished well before finishing. To remove the burnt layer from surface, spanners are grinded & polished with premium quality abrasive belts on manual as well as Automatic Belt Polish Machines. Company is equipped with highly advanced Fully automatic Belt Polishing machines for various type of spanners and for many types of surface finish. There are also Manual Belt Grinding machines on which the complex surfaces are polished manually to achieve smooth finish.


It is a process where the sizes and brand names are mechanically stamped on the wrenches surface. The clearly defined sizes and branding are essential for the identification purposes. It is done by high power hydraulic, Pneumatic and Hydro-Pneumatic Presses. Stamping is also done in some wrenches with forging dies and also after finishing with Laser Engraving. Vishal Tools offers a custom branding also.

Quality Control & Safety

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