Product Design

R&D works in every aspect of product life cycle

In addition to manufacturing efficiency, our manufacturing facility is equipped with high tech research and development lab. R&D works in every aspect of product life cycle to produce highly efficient and cost effective products. Starting from product design phase to its use by end user is critically monitored to capture the areas to improve and to research upon.

Product Design:

Product design plays a major role in building a world class product. While designing our products our main goals are:
1. Resource Conservation 2. High Efficiency 3. Standard Compliance 4. Better User Experience

Resource Conservation:

There are many resources that help in manufacturing hand tools. Saving those resources is the primary target of our company. Some resources are directly influenced by product design, in which raw material is a major resource. Therefore saving the raw material waste generated during manufacturing process is at the top priority.
Our design team develops the blanking, forging & trimming dies which produces these products. Thereby efficiency in reducing waste is achieved with the help of better design of the products and dies that forge these products.
Products are designed considering the overall cost reduction during all phases. These include manufacturing process simplification. This also helps in reducing overall energy consumption during manufacturing. Natural resource conservation is also the primary focus during product design.

High Efficiency:

To design products that are highly efficient in its application areas, the material to use in the hand tools is very critical. Overall efficiency is greatly affected by the material alone. As our products are mostly comprised of Chrome Vanadium steal with carefully chosen composition it helps to greatly increase the torque load that can be applied on the wrench. The hardness which is a major aspect of a hand tools life cycle and torque greatly depends on the material we choose. Hence metallurgic configuration is selected and products are designed with high efficiency.

Standards Compliance:

Our product design team ensures that the products we design must comply with latest industry standards. Namely ASME, DIN/ISO, BSI are the major standards we follow while designing our products.
The strict inspection and testing methods ensures that product we produce is highly durable with a lifetime operation.

Better User Experience:

User experience determines the overall strength of the product, so this aspect is fully covered under the design principle we follow. It covers all the product’s life cycle starting from purchasing, Using it effectively towards end of its life.
Our products are designed for lifetime usage. These are designed from 100% recyclable material which ensures that if in any case user needs to dispose of the product, it can be done so by scraping the product to local/government scrap collecting agencies.